Protect X provides full service installation of heavy duty temporary surface protection for builders, remodelers, painters and the construction industry in South Florida.

Damages extend and complicate home renovations. We offer the best home protection service in the market by providing a full-service professional installation and take all the necessary steps to protect the exterior and interior of your home. Protect X is the only way to protect your home from damage throughout the entire renovation period

  • Carpet protection
  • Floor protection
  • Marble protection
  • Tub protection
  • Furniture Protection
  • Doorway protection
  • Stair protection
  • Corner Protection 
  • Dust and odor containment
  • Contactor Tunnel Containment 
  • Construction wall 
  • Zipwall
  • Livingroom Remodel Protection
  • Bathroom Remodel Protection
  • Kitchen Remodel Protection
  • Plaster and Sheet Work Protection

How it works

We prevent delays and complications that can disrupt work schedules by eliminating the potential risk of damaging valuable property. Protect X Surface Protection is professionally installed and maintained by our team, then removed and recycled with 4ocean when your project is complete.

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