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We prevent delays and complications by eliminating the risk of damaging valuable property and assets. Protect X Surface Protection is professionally installed and maintained by our team, then removed and recycled when your project is completed.

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Customized Surface Protection

Protect X offers: home builders, contractors, demolition
companies, project managers, DIY enthusiasts, moving companies, painters, drywallers,
carpenters, event planners, architects, flooring installers, window and door
installation services, marine and shipyards any many other services providers an
effective solution to prevent accidental damage to interior and exterior surfaces.

Protect X offers a variety of products and services. Our professional team tailors to your surface protection needs for installation and removal. We understand that every project is different that's why we are with you every step of the way.


On the Water

Heading to the shipyard for engine room repairs, interior refits, tank cleaning, or teak maintenance? Save time and money and maintain the yachting standard with temporary surface protection.

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At Home

Extended home renovations keep you from enjoying and living the way you want, get back to living in the home you've always wanted faster! Temporary surface protection will stand up to wear and tear during remodeling and construction in the home.

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On the Job

Extended office renovations keep you from enjoying work in an environment you love, get back to work in the office you've always wanted faster!

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On the Road

Extended renovations or restorations keep you from enjoying the car or garage of your dreams, get back to doing the things you love faster!

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Product Specifications

  • Features

    Professionally Installed Next Day
    Drop proof to 75#
    Recycled by 4Ocean
    Structural Free Standing Product & Tunnel
    Dust Containment
    Odor Containment
  • Protect X

  • Blue Diamond

  • Coraplast Sheets

  • Ram Board

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Protect X Tunnel Containment System

Frequently Answered Questions

What is Surface Protection?

Protection refers to the use of "X Sheets" designed to temporarily safeguard and protect surfaces during construction or renovation projects. Surface Protection prevent damage to floors, countertops, and walls and prevents any accidental damage that may occur.

Protect X Surface Protection helps reduce repair costs and keep the new surfaces looking pristine until the project is finalized and handed over.

What surfaces should be protect during renovation?

Common areas of construction surface protection:

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Marble Floors
  • Carpet
  • Countertops
  • Stairs
  • Railings
  • Doors
  • Walls
  • Finished Surfaces
  • Dust Containment
  • Driveway Protection
  • Heavy Equipment Use Protection
  • Door Jamb Protection

All areas where contractors will be working.

How does it work?

Protect X offers surface protection installation and individual product purchases.

Our professional team, will safeguard all surfaces fit to the homeowners and general contractors needs for temporary surface protection.

  1. Protect X Surface Protection team is the first in and last out of the project site. Before construction starts, our team will install all areas necessary with our patented and unique technique.
  2. We ensure all areas are clean and clear of any debris.
  3. The initial area of protection is a foam underlay to prevent any scratches or irritation.
  4. Following are 4mm, 10mm or 15mm anti-slip surface protection.
  5. Sheets are adhered by 2" tape with withstand any project.
  6. Once all areas our covered and protected our team will do quality checks throughout the construction period.

Our line of products and services protect stairs, floors, entryways, doors jambs, walls, windows, dust containment, counter tops, partition walls and more,

The “X” sheet lays on top of any surface. The sheet protects the surface from possible damage caused by mishaps or accidents. eg. dropped tools, dirty shoes, or spilled paint. When laid onto the surface, it provides a place to put tools and supplies without affecting any sensitive surrounding areas. The sheet can be installed flat or against any perpendicular surface. 

What areas do you service? 

We predominately service the South Florida region. For inquiries for surface protection installation outside this region, please contact us directly.

Currently servicing: Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach

33004 (Dania Beach)
33009 (Hallandale Beach)
33010 (Hialeah)
33012 (Hialeah)
33013 (Hialeah)
33014 (Hialeah)
33015 (Country Club)
33016 (Hialeah)
33018 (Hialeah)
33019 (Hollywood)
33020 (Hollywood)
33021 (Hollywood)
33023 (Miramar)
33024 (Hollywood)
33025 (Miramar)
33026 (Pembroke Pines)
33027 (Miramar)
33028 (Pembroke Pines)
33029 (Pembroke Pines)
33030 (Homestead)
33031 (Homestead)
33032 (Princeton)
33033 (Leisure City)
33034 (Florida City)
33035 (Homestead)
33039 (Homestead)
33054 (Opa-locka)
33055 (Miami Gardens)
33056 (Miami Gardens)
33060 (Pompano Beach)
33062 (Pompano Beach)
33063 (Margate)
33064 (Pompano Beach)
33065 (Coral Springs)
33066 (Coconut Creek)
33067 (Coral Springs)
33068 (North Lauderdale)
33069 (Pompano Beach)
33071 (Coral Springs)
33073 (Coconut Creek)
33076 (Coral Springs)
33101 (Miami)
33109 (Miami Beach)
33122 (Miami)
33125 (Miami)
33126 (Miami)
33127 (Miami)
33128 (Miami)
33129 (Miami)
33130 (Miami)
33131 (Miami)
33132 (Miami)
33133 (Miami)
33134 (Coral Gables)
33135 (Miami)
33136 (Miami)
33137 (Miami)
33138 (Miami)
33139 (Miami Beach)
33140 (Miami Beach)
33141 (Miami Beach)
33142 (Miami)
33143 (Glenvar Heights)
33144 (Miami)
33145 (Miami)
33146 (Coral Gables)
33147 (West Little River)
33149 (Key Biscayne)
33150 (Miami)
33154 (Surfside)
33155 (Coral Terrace)
33156 (Pinecrest)
33157 (Palmetto Bay)
33158 (Palmetto Bay)
33160 (Sunny Isles Beach)
33161 (North Miami)
33162 (North Miami Beach)
33165 (University Park)
33166 (Miami Springs)
33167 (Westview)
33168 (North Miami)
33169 (Miami Gardens)
33170 (Goulds)
33172 (Fountainebleau)
33173 (Kendall)
33174 (Sweetwater)
33175 (Tamiami)
33176 (Kendall)
33177 (South Miami Heights)
33178 (Doral)
33179 (Ives Estates)
33180 (Aventura)
33181 (North Miami)
33182 (Tamiami)
33183 (Kendale Lakes)
33184 (Tamiami)
33185 (Miami)
33186 (The Crossings)
33187 (Richmond West)
33189 (Cutler Bay)
33190 (Cutler Bay)
33193 (Kendall West)
33194 (Miami)
33196 (The Hammocks)
33301 (Fort Lauderdale)
33304 (Fort Lauderdale)
33305 (Fort Lauderdale)
33306 (Fort Lauderdale)
33308 (Fort Lauderdale)
33309 (Oakland Park)
33311 (Fort Lauderdale)
33312 (Fort Lauderdale)
33313 (Lauderhill)
33314 (Davie)
33315 (Fort Lauderdale)
33316 (Fort Lauderdale)
33317 (Plantation)
33319 (Lauderhill)
33321 (Tamarac)
33322 (Sunrise)
33323 (Sunrise)
33324 (Plantation)
33325 (Davie)
33326 (Weston)
33327 (Weston)
33328 (Davie)
33330 (Cooper City)
33331 (Weston)
33332 (Weston)
33334 (Oakland Park)
33351 (Sunrise)
33401 (West Palm Beach)
33403 (Lake Park)
33404 (Riviera Beach)
33405 (West Palm Beach)
33406 (West Palm Beach)
33407 (West Palm Beach)
33408 (North Palm Beach)
33409 (West Palm Beach)
33410 (Palm Beach Gardens)
33411 (Royal Palm Beach)
33412 (The Acreage)
33413 (Greenacres)
33414 (Wellington)
33415 (West Palm Beach)
33417 (West Palm Beach)
33418 (Palm Beach Gardens)
33426 (Boynton Beach)
33428 (Boca Raton)
33430 (Belle Glade)
33431 (Boca Raton)
33432 (Boca Raton)
33433 (Boca Raton)
33434 (Boca Raton)
33435 (Boynton Beach)
33436 (Boynton Beach)
33437 (Boynton Beach)
33438 (Canal Point)
33441 (Deerfield Beach)
33442 (Deerfield Beach)
33444 (Delray Beach)
33445 (Delray Beach)
33446 (Delray Beach)
33449 (Lake Worth)
33458 (Jupiter)
33460 (Lake Worth)
33461 (Lake Worth)
33462 (Lantana)
33463 (Lake Worth)
33467 (Lake Worth)
33469 (Jupiter)
33470 (The Acreage)
33472 (Boynton Beach)
33473 (Boynton Beach)
33476 (Pahokee)
33477 (Jupiter)
33478 (Jupiter Farms)
33480 (Palm Beach)
33483 (Delray Beach)
33484 (Delray Beach)
33486 (Boca Raton)
33487 (Boca Raton)
33493 (South Bay)
33496 (Boca Raton)
33498 (Boca Raton)

Do you install surface protection and remove the product? 

Yes we fully custom install our protection product and are with you through the entire renovation process.

After completing your project we will remove and recycled when your project is complete.

How do I know which cover and protect solution is right for me?

To help you we have developed a “Request A Quote” form which will ask all relevant questions for us to determine what protection is needed. You will then receive a custom protection plan from us with a quote of your project

Can my crew install the product themselves?

Yes, we offer our protection products for purchase under the “Shop Now” tab. Our team will reach out to you through email to locate the most convenient distributor in your area.

Not sure how much surface protection you will need. You can also click "Request a Quote" on the top right of our website to fill out a form and our team will estimate the amount of materials you need. From there you can compare the two options to decide what's best for your project.

We've got you covered!

Should I use surface protection?


There are many reasons and benefits why surface protection should be used.

  1. Easy of mind during renovation and construction.
  2. Isolating areas of the home or commercial space to dampen construction noise, minimizing disruption, prevent contractors using personal areas.
  3. Cost and time saving with clean up, repairs and replacements.
  4. Protect from heavy foot traffic areas.
  5. Contain dirt, dust and debris.
  6. Prevent paint splatters, drips and spills.