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We prevent delays and complications by eliminating the risk of damaging valuable property. Protect X Surface Protection is professionally installed and maintained by our team, then removed and recycled with 4ocean when your project is completed.

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Surface Protection, Anywhere

Get on with the important stuff without any stress by getting Protect X installed on all your surface areas! Our innovative product was designed to protect against damage to interiors and exteriors during construction. You won't have to worry about contractors dropping their tools on your floor, the apprentice scuffing the furniture, breaking glass, paint dust breezing through the open doors or foot traffic throughout your work area. We’ve got you covered!


On the Water

Extended Yard Time periods keep you from the real reason you become a yachtie, get back to traveling the world and out of the yard faster!

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At Home

Extended home renovations keep you from enjoying and living the way you want, get back to living in the home you've always wanted faster!

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On the Job

Extended office renovations keep you from enjoying work in an environment you love, get back to work in the office you've always wanted faster!

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On the Road

Extended renovations or restorations keep you from enjoying the car or garage of your dreams, get back to doing the things you love faster!

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Product Specifications

  • Features

    Professionally Installed Next Day
    Drop proof to 75#
    Recycled by 4Ocean
    Structural Free Standing Product & Tunnel
    Dust Containment
    Odor Containment
  • Protect X

  • Blue Diamond

  • Coraplast Sheets

  • Ram Board

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Our Tunnel Containment System

Unprotected vs Protected

Frequently Answered Questions

What areas do you service? 

We predominately service the South Florida region. For inquiries outside this region, please contact us directly.

Do you install and remove the product? 

Yes we fully custom install our protection product and are with you through the entire renovation process. After completing your project we will removed and recycled with 4ocean when your project is complete.

How do I know which cover and protect solution is right for me?

To help you we have developed a “Request A Quote” form which will ask all relevant questions for us to determine what protection is needed. You will then receive a custom protection plan from us with a quote of your project

How does it work?

The “X” sheet lays on top of any surface. The sheet protects the surface from possible damage caused by mishaps or accidents. eg. dropped tools, dirty shoes, or spilled paint. When laid onto the surface, it provides a place to put tools and supplies without affecting any sensitive surrounding areas. The sheet can be installed flat or against any perpendicular surface. 

Can my crew install the product themselves?

Yes, we offer our protection products for purchase under the “Shop Now” tab for DIY projects! You can also click "Request a Quote" on the top right of our website to fill out a form and our team will estimate the amount of materials you need. From there you can compare the two options to decide whats best for your project.